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Types of sunglasses frames

What textures are trending now? Yes, there is such diversity because time does not stand still, and leading fashion houses are constantly coming up with something new and original.

Aesthetics aside, not all sunglasses are made equal (not even close), so it’s useful to understand how polarization, ultraviolet rays, lens tint, and frame construction come into play.

Plastic models are made of acetate. They can be of any conceived form, which means that even the most dizzying fantasy of a designer can be easily brought to life. And also, such glasses are strong and durable.

Metal frames are also at the height of fashion – they look very sophisticated and expensive due to the graceful lines cast from aluminum, titanium, or other material.

There are a lot of beautiful frames out there! So let’s see how to choose the right one for you.


Arguably the most important parameter to consider when choosing a pair of glasses is the shape of your face. Because all of our mugs are unique, there’s no “perfect” pair of sunglasses for everyone (though some do come close). It’s necessary to pick a pair of glasses that agrees with the contours of your face and jawline to ensure you’re looking your best all while protecting your vision.

There are many types of frames, and the main thing is to understand what type of face each of them is suitable for.

  • Heart-Shaped Face: Frames that balance the width of the forehead with the narrowness of the chin are ideal. Eyeglasses with low-set temples and bottom heavy frame lines will add width to that narrower part of your face. Round eyeglasses or square eyeglasses with curved edges will help draw attention away from a broad, high forehead. 
  • Square Face: Eyeglasses that soften the angularity and sit high on the bridge of the nose look best on square faces. Oval or round eyeglasses will balance and add a thinner appearance to the angles of a square face. Frames to Avoid: Angular and boxy eyeglass frames will sharpen and draw attention to your angular features, making a square face appear bulky. 
  • Round Face: Eyeglass frames that are square or rectangular tend to be wider than a round face. This quality can enhance your face by making it appear slimmer and longer, adding balance to your round features. 
    Frames to Avoid: Rimless frames, round frames and small frames will accentuate the roundness, making your round face look even rounder. 
  • Oval Face: Frames that suit an oval face have a strong bridge, are wider than the broadest part of the face and are geometric in shape. 
    Frames to Avoid: Eyeglasses that are overlarge and cover up more than half of your face will throw off the natural balance and symmetry of the oval face. 
  • Diamond Face: Play up a narrow forehead and chin with eyeglass frames what sweep up or are wider than the cheekbones, such as cat eye glasses and oval frames. These frames will accentuate your cheekbones and delicate features. 
    Frames to Avoid: Boxy and narrow frames will accentuate the width of your cheeks, drawing attention to your narrow features rather than enhancing them. 

So let’s move to the shapes!

Wayfarer frames are a trapezoidal shape. The corners of the glasses can be either edgy or rounded. As a rule, they fit best on the “oval” and categorically do not fit triangular and rectangular faces.

Browline glasses are a semi-rim frame with a thickened top that accentuates the brow line. A throwback style inspired by the fashions of the ’50s and ’60s, the browline frame has recently come back in full force. It fits pear-shaped and trapezoidal forms of faces.

Teashades – glasses with round lenses a la John Lennon or Harry Potter. Harry Potter may have been able to pull off the round glasses look, but not everybody can. The retro-style round glasses have made a serious comeback, and if you can nail the look, you can win some serious style points. Looks excellent on oval faces.

The cateye is a very feminine frame, the upper corners of which go up to the temples. Showstopping flair and breathtaking style, all in one sassy little package. Such glasses, as a rule, are universal and can suit any woman.

Aviators – thin metal frame with teardrop-shaped lenses. There’s something about putting on a good pair of sunglasses that just elevates our confidence. Slide a pair of Aviators on, and suddenly you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Probably the coolest shape of an eyeglass frame, made popular by movies like “Top Gun,” the aviator style glasses were made during World War I to protect the pilot’s eyes from the sun’s glare. They fit almost everyone, except for the “pear” and “trapezium”.

Butterflies are rather large models with an extension of the upper and lower outer corners. This shape looks very attractive on the “rhombus” and is suitable for correcting large facial features.

Now you know everything about sunglasses, and nothing will stop you from choosing this fashion accessory so that it combines protection functions, is safe, and, of course, stylish.

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