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The 6 biggest eyewear trends of 2022

Put your personality, style, and vibe front and center. Glasses are one of the most expressive accessories you can wear, and if staying on top of the latest trends is a priority, you’ve come to the right place.  

You may have already found your tried-and-true glasses style that showcases your face, that doesn’t mean you can’t try some new trends. And wow, the fashion shows of 2021 in Paris, New York, London, and Milan were full of trendy ideas.
Versace showcased multiple versions of a contemporary twist on aviators (hello pops of neon!). At the same time, Valentino kept it geometric, showcasing rectangular frames and modern cat-eyes to complement their cool clothing.
So whether you’re looking to try out a bold new trend or you’ll be sticking to the classics, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you. From classic aviators to XXL oversized frames, from pastel to vibrant bright colors, here are the eyewear trends you’ll be seeing this season.

We’ve pulled together the latest eyewear trends that will give you a sneak peek of the styles you’ll see everywhere in 2022.

1. Narrow rectangular glasses

If you are a guy, you must remember when narrow rectangular shapes and ugly plain metals were the only choices? Men’s eyewear has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Men’s glasses are becoming more trendy as we become a more casual society where streetwear and our lifestyles play a major role.

And if you are a young woman… Clogs, tracksuits, low-waisted jeans, and crop tops – the 2021 trendbook has captured things from our youth. The narrow rectangular frames remind us of the times when we watched “It takes two”, “Passport to Paris” and clips of Christina Aguilera.  We recommend wearing these glasses as joyfully as we did twenty years ago: with jeans, suits and romantic dresses. Check out our stylish Matin and Ted Baker with a 60% discount!

2. Oversize

Another ode to the ’70s, large frames are continuing to make a statement this season. Enhance the look by investing in styles with luxurious neutral tones, like rich browns and blacks, for an amazing feel. 

This form of glasses is fashionable for several seasons in a row. In other words, oversize has become the timeless classics. They, with enviable regularity, return to the top positions of fashion preferences and remain there for a long time. In a word, if you have such glasses, they will be useful to you. And if not, we recommend purchasing these. Check out our fancy Gina and luxurious Porsche!

In addition to creating a style and personality statement, large glasses can make your look much more memorable. The advantage? Without weighing more, oversized frames can sit lower on the nose.
These glasses come in thick frames or thinner versions for the discreet.

3. Familiar models in a new way

Of course, our beloved “aviators”, “drops”, “cateyes” and other modern models will not disappear anywhere. This year designers are modifying them somewhat, changing ordinary lenses to mirrored or colored ones.

Believe it or not, clear frames are still very trendy. These frames are not as simple as you may think, though. There are so many fine details that go into making a simplistic pair of glasses. Since the frame is see-through, it can unbelievably complement facial features and make them stand out. Most glasses tend to focus all the attention on the glasses themselves. But, clear frames focus peoples’ attention on one’s face and its beauty. It makes quite a statement when you pair up clear glasses on a person with a stylish hairstyle or a great smile.

I think it’s safe to say that aviator glasses are a classic that will never go out of style. Taking these retro glasses and adding a modern-day touch is exactly what RayBan has done. The Harley Davidsons (our rendition of aviator glasses) provide plenty of face-shielding protection and are available in chic colors like gold, silver, brown, and black.

4. Metallic frames

Metallics are in – from flashy outerwear to spacesuit-level statement pieces, take inspo from the stars, and shine. Bring brightness into your every day with a luxury titanium frame and Aspen!

As technology becomes more advanced, some of the clothes we wear are becoming more simple. We’re getting back to the basics. Sleek, thin titanium frames with titanium nose pads make for the perfect pair of eyewear to compliment a day in the office or a night out with your friends.

Metal is a preferred choice of material for eyewear due to its lightweight nature, strong resilience, hypoallergenic feature, and ability to come in many colors. It can be made super-thin and always remains strong. Add a metal nose pad instead of the traditional silicone or plastic nose pads for an ultra-trendy look and feel. There’s just something about metal sitting on your nose that feels organic, soft, and comfortable. The best part? They never become discolored (or yellow) from absorbing your skin oils. Isn’t it great?

5. Minimalism

« Less is more » – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect.

This is as true as ever. Many people seem to be embracing minimalism because more and more clients come to us seeking a simpler design for their eyewear.

There is little more elegant than beautiful glasses with a minimalistic rim. Metal frames with a thin rim in shiny rose gold, silver, or gold can be combined with many outfits to create a smart and fashionable look. 

This season, minimalism meets street style. Think uniform: industrial, streamlined lines – we’re talking excessive pockets, boxy silhouettes, and unapologetic monochromatic magic. Say that three times fast.  

Bring your eyewear on board and look for understated, timeless styles. We’re loving versatile yet distinct thin acetate or metal frames in bold shapes. Our favorite is Aspen.

6. Juicy colors

In the spring and summer, makers of clothing and other goods invariably offer their wares in bright, pretty colors, which consumers weary of winter’s darkness eagerly snap up. But this year’s spring/summer palette is even brighter than usual because it features a particularly eye-catching array of vivid fruity colors. 

This season, it’s all about bold, juicy tones that look good enough to eat. Rich red, abundant blue, roaring purple, luscious lavender – be as adventurous as you dare and gorge yourself on gem tones.  

Indulge in fearless red, purple, or blue glasses that give your day a statement-making thrill, or blend them effortlessly into your thoughtful ensemble.  Check out super trendy Hazel, purple Guess, and bright Pepe Jeans

In general, we are becoming less focused on big label brands and into a culture of supporting smaller independent labels that focus on creativity and have great company values. Smaller companies are making a statement in the world of fashion eyewear by producing trendy and versatile styles that can either be runway-ready or great for your business meetings.

Who’s ready to go bold? Eyewear fashion in 2021/2022 promises to be more fun than ever before. From BIG to unique, we have the lowdown on the hottest frame styles for the new year.

Ready to take these eyewear trends and make them your own? Explore our selection!

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