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Pretty Hazel - populaarseimad pruunid läätsed

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‘What are my hidden secrets’? This is the message given to someone who looks into these big Pretty Hazel eyes. The big eyes look of these brown contact lenses magnifies the intensity and mystery of the person inside. A deep rich hazel colour and dark edge effects tell the world that you are a person not to be trifled with!

You can have that mysterious look, right now!
Delivery time 1-3 working days
Usage Daily
Type of lenses 3 Month Disposable
Lenses in box 2 lenses
Base Curve (BC) 8.60
OD DIA 14.00
Water Content 45%
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Manufacturer ColourVUE


The BigEyes Pretty Hazel brown contact lenses are very popular with those who want to present an intense, serious look - someone not to toyed with!

They enlarge the appearance of the eyes, whilst at the same time creating the impression of someone with depth and hidden secrets. Use our slider bar under the image to get closer and see for yourself. The cleverly designed wide brown iris has a feathered design on the inner edge which appears to strengthen the colour towards the outside. Intricate detailing on the outer edge of the hazel colour and a sharp black outer finish adds intensity to the appearance. What message do you get?

The special design strengthens the colour depth away from the pupil, crafted to increase definition and with naturally blending tones to suit a wide range of complexions.

Penetrating and all-knowing – that’s how we describe the triple effect of the special design features that these brown contact lenses offer. These comfortable and easy-to-wear brown contact lenses will definitely enhance the mystery and depth of your look.

Soft and safe, easy to fit and easy to wear, the semi-permeable hydrogel terpolymer material is the latest technology in fashion contact lenses. They are manufactured in the most modern GMP approved facilities under ISO9001 Certified processes, and all lenses are individually inspected and sterilised.

Plain and prescription, 3 month disposable ColourVue Pretty Hazel brown contact lenses. You can start being serious today!


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