Victoria’s Secret Sunglasses VS0023 57A 57

The perfect accessory to upgrade your look, these Victoria’s Secret sunglasses are essential for a fashion-savvy individual. With sleek frames and quality lens, these sunglasses provide UV protection and a stylish finish.


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With their sophisticated, modern design and advanced technology, Victoria's Secret sunglasses offer a refined and distinctive aesthetic. The lenses provide total defence from UVA and UVB rays as well as maximum glare protection, making them the perfect choice for any activity or occasion.

Bränd: Victoria's Secret
Raami tüüp: Päikeseprillid
Sugu: Naine
Suurus: L
Klaasi laius (mm): 57
Ninasilla laius (mm): 18
Raami laius (mm): 150
Sanga pikkus (mm): 140
Materjal: Plastik !
Kuju: Oval
Värv: Rose
Kaasa tuleb: Brändi prillikarp

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